Gate & Door Hinges

What to Know

Important factors to consider when selecting your hinges.

Types of Hinges

Adjustable hinges from 1 to 3 dimensions

Max Capacity: 200 to 3450 LBS

Adjustable hinges provide the most flexibility by allowing for adjustments to the gate alignment during installation and over the lifetime of your gate. Adjustable hinges can be adjusted in up to three directions. Adjustable hinges are typically welded to the gate and can be attached to support structure by welding, mounting, bolting, or casting. Adjustable hinges are recommended to be used in double side mountside mount with bottom support, or side mount with bottom pivot.

Max Capacity: 550 to 1350 LBS

Clamp-on hinges can be used on round pipes and tubings, or on square and rectangle tubing with an adapter (CA861).  Clamp on hinges are clamped and secured around the gate and can be attached to support structure by welding, mounting, or bolting. Clamp-on hinges are recommended to be used with bottom supports.

Max Capacity: 200 to 600 LBS

Weld-on hinges offer a simple solution for gates. Hinges feature a 180-degree wing and are also available in stainless steel type 304. Weld-on hinges are adjustable and can support 1/8″ to 3″ spacing between the support post and gate. The same hinge must be used on the top and bottom of the gate.

Max Capacity: 30 to 3460 LBS

Pin hinges are available from 1-9/16″ to 12″ H. Most pin hinges are surface mount to allow for flexible spacing. Pin hinges are available in steel and stainless steel, and most feature a brass pin.

Gate Hinge Configurations

Double Side Mount

Side Mount with Bottom Support

Side Mount with Bottom Pivot

Hinge Pairings

We have curated an extensive pairing of hinges to meet any project needs. Please use the table below to find your optimal pairing.

Note: Maximum capacities are based on manufacturer's recommendations and will differ for varying gate geometries. Please inquire for full specifications.