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This classy balcony railing beautifully combines the clean lines of modern design with a touch of the decorative elements of the old world.

The primary component of this railing is DJA’s F11-4-14 Curved Picket (which is also available as a straight component without the belly-bend). The designer of this balcony railing utilized DJA’s Knuckle Steel Collar for Square Bar (10/34) to add a clever design element to the center of the picket. This showcases how a small component can make a huge difference in the overall look of the finished product.

The curved pickets are capped off using a hammered steel bar which is also used to across the base of the pickets to tie the elements together both structurally and visually.

Finally, our Decorative Steel Molding (23-5-02) tops another small but important decorative element to create the finished look.

The wrought iron double S-scroll used in this design is hand forged, making it a perfect choice for use between the two hammered steel bars.

Don’t forget to take advantage of DJA’s picket spacer tool that makes laying out your railing, gate, and fence pickets a breeze!

Build this Railing:

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