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The Design Collection is a compilation of our clients’ projects over the last 30 years. With more than 200 projects and 2,000 components, this hard-cover book is a great resource for any fabricator, designer, architect or home owner.


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How was that railing made? What parts make up that wrought iron gate? This 252-page, hard-cover book dissects dozens of projects and lists the ornamental and hardware components that went into their fabrication. Whether you’re looking to wow clients with a handy book of design possibilities, or you’d like to better understand how to combine D.J.A. components with custom forged pieces, this book is for you.

See finished project examples and component breakdowns in several categories:

  • Gates
  • Balconies
  • Exterior railings
  • Interior railings

Browse gallery images for project page examples. They include: commercial outdoor wrought iron balcony, wrought iron exterior railing using hand-forged steel panels, and an exterior residential railing featuring made-to-order wrought iron belly bars.

In addition to a copy of The Design Collection, each order includes a copy of the latest D.J.A. product catalog and a notepad to keep track of your design sketches.

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