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This portico balcony railing is constructed from just 3 simple components with an added stamped leaf detail to add an understated but elegant flair where the balcony connects to the wall.

The primary component of this railing is DJA’s hammered wrought iron belly bar. This elegant yet modern component performs a critical safety function while adding a design flair you don’t get with a standard picket or post.

The base of the railing is connected using our hammered square tubing that provides continuity in the hammered look of the belly bars while giving structural support to the railing.

The railing is capped off with one of our steel molding elements, DJA part #23-5-02, which is sold in 20 foot lengths (custom orders can be accommodated to help with shipping, please contact us for details). This molding serves as the primary structural support for the top portion of the railing while offering continuity in the look and feel of the other hammered elements.

Finally, the fabricator has cleverly used one of our stamped steel leaves as a weld tab to offer a decorative element that integrates the railing into the structure, providing a seamless transition from house to balcony.

Don’t forget to take advantage of DJA’s picket spacer tool that makes laying out your railing, gate, and fence pickets a breeze!

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