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Steel Driveway and Pedestrian Gates with Hand Forged Ornamental Panels and Scrolls Made in Italy

This driveway swing gate showcases beautiful hand forged ornamental panels and scrolls made in Italy. A great example of what these elegant components can bring to a design.

This outer frame of this gate is built using DJA hammered square steel tubes, used to give a handmade, traditional feel to the finished product, while the internal structure utilizes our solid steel square hammered bars for the vertical elements.

Each of the hammered bars is mounted with a round collar that offers an interesting contrast mounted on the square tube.

The primary decorative elements in this gate design feature two different panel designs created with hand forged steel and crafted in Italy. Each of these are sold individually as a left or right option, which dictates the direction the decorative flower elements face. This design uses both left and right versions for each respective gate.

The pedestrian gate utilizes the right side option of a smaller version of the bottom panel from the main gate to present a cohesive look on both gates.


Decal showing product is made in Italy

The top of this gate uses one of our most popular ring with scroll elements that is a staple in a number of our client’s designs, and a decorative forged steel spear that caps off the hammered pickets.

If you’re looking to reproduce this design, you’ll need to determine the appropriate lockbox to use for your purposes. If the gate is automated, use lock plate 27/A/01 with the DJA173 shell.

For a working lock, our DJA WELKA lock is an excellent solution and can be paired with a prefabricated lock box (DJA171) or single lock plates (WELKA 27/A/01) if you’d prefer to fabricate your own.


The gate meeting point utilizes our forged hammered flat bar (P700) which is available in 1-½” and 2” wide variations. The top of the meeting point features two DJA163 hammered gate toppers in a mirrored configuration to provide a striking final element that looks amazing when viewed from any angle.

For non-automated gates, a number of decorative ornamental handle options are available to choose from. All of our handles are available with or without a built-in spring. The built-in spring in the handle helps to extend the life of the spring in the lock, requiring less maintenance in the long-term.

Don’t forget to pair your handle with the matching rosette plate to finish the look! (Matching sets are linked from each item.)

Build this Gate:

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