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Telescopic Gate Hardware

 Telescopic gate hardware is a great Opening Solution for Small Spaces!

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The Telescopic gate hardware system allows sliding gates to be installed in areas where space is limited while the gate is in the open-position. Gates are built in segments which are connected by a cable-guide system to keep the gate leaves synchronized and slide seamlessly. The Telescopic gate hardware system can be augmented with a gate automation system.

The Telescopic gate hardware system is available in a two-leaf configuration (4 sizes) and a multi-leaf configuration (3 sizes).

The Telescopic Gate Hardware System is manufactured by FAC s.r.l., Italy.

Demonstration Video

Installation Video


KA 5100.004: 13-ft, 1320-lbs
KA 5100.008: 26-ft, 1320-lbs
KA 5100.011: 37-ft, 1700-lbs
KA 5100.015: 50-ft, 1700-lbs