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Example of hot dipped galvanized and powder coated exterior wrought iron railing

Should you galvanize your wrought iron project?

How do you prevent your wrought iron railing/gate/fence/flowerbox from rusting? We often get asked by fabricators and homeowners alike whether an architectural metalwork project should go through the galvanizing process to prevent rust. It does add upfront project cost, a logistical step that must be outsourced, and weight to the piece. So like most things, the answer is that “it depends.” In this article, we’ll review the benefits and considerations of galvanization, specifically hot dipped galvanization. Whether you are fabricating or making a purchase decision, it’s important to evaluate this all-important finishing option that can extend the longevity of your project. 

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Cover story of NOMMA Fabricator magazine, November 2020

By fabricators, for fabricators: How we help create stunning wrought iron projects

This article was the cover story in the November/December 2020 issue of NOMMA’s O&MM Fabricator magazine. It is reproduced here with their permission.


Quality Components and Sound Advice Help Fabricators Create Custom Work

D.J.A. Focuses on Solving Problems, Not Just Selling Items

Successful companies in any industry find a way to stand out from the crowd, and for D.J.A. Imports, that means offering more than a catalog of items. The company’s secret weapon is its founder, Joe Pietrocola, who started his fabrication career with the opening of Pietrocola Iron Works with his wife, Gina, in 1984. 

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Two types of tube bending approaches

Tube Bending 101: basic elements for bending square and rectangular tubes

To optimally bend a square or rectangular tube, it is necessary to carefully study its physical dimensions and characteristics, including the sense of curvature.

There are two directions of curvature: easyway and hardway:

There are two directions of curvature in tube bending: easyway and hardway

In easyway bending, the greater the difference between the sides of the tube (for example, a 2-inch x 3/4-inch section has a greater difference than a 1-1/4-inch x 3/4-inch section), the greater the deformation or concavity on the inside and outside of the bending.

Hardway bending requires more effort to the pipe bending machine, but with the same thickness, the deformation of the bent pipe will be less than easyway bending.

When a rectangular tube is bent, the material often has less deformation if it is bent in the hardway direction.  Concavity is less problematic on thicker-walled materials.

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Adjustable hinges from 1 to 3 dimensions

Why your gates need adjustable hinges

You have built a top-notch gate and your client is thrilled. But how often have you struggled to properly align it during installation? A pedestrian gate might look uneven in the opening, or the two sides of a driveway swing gate just “look a little off”. Over time, heavier gates might even shift or sag. If you are using traditional pin hinges, you’re often looking at the daunting and time-consuming prospect of removing the gate, cutting and rewelding hinges, and repainting. Nobody wants that.

That’s where adjustable hinges come in. Regardless of gate material, weight or setup, there are options for you. But all these options can be a bit tricky to choose the “right” one. We’ll break down the main features of adjustable hinges and highlight what to consider for your next project.

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Join us in Florida for two exclusive hardware events!

We’re excited to visit two Controlled Products Systems Group locations on July 23 and 25, and we welcome anyone looking to learn more about the latest gate hardware products we have to offer, including telescopic and BiFold gates.

On July 23, D.J.A. President Gina Pietrocola will deliver a Gate Hardware Training session at the CPSG Ft. Lauderdale branch. Lunch will be provided and an RSVP is required (see flyer here). You won’t want to miss this event!

On July 25, join us to help celebrate the opening of CPSG’s Miami branch. Their Open House will feature several vendor representatives and we’re excited to showcase our various gate hardware products to meet all your needs. Plus, there will be food, prizes and giveaways for attendees! RSVP is required (see flyer here).

CPSG Open House details

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