Large Standard Cantilever Trolley (5-Wheel)

Introducing the Trolley for Large Standard Systems, a vital component designed to facilitate smooth and effortless gate movement. Available in small, medium, and large to accommodate various gate configurations, this trolley is engineered with precision to ensure optimal performance. With two trolleys required per gate, this component plays a crucial role in supporting the gate along the track, providing stability and reliability.


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Product Details

Trolley for Large Cantilever Systems. Max capacity: 36-ft, 2640-lbs – Max capacity: 17-ft, 1100-lbs –

Required two (2) trolleys per gate.

Why Cantilever Gate Systems?

Cantilever offer minimal visible hardware, no need for an in-ground track, and can be automated. DJA offers a range of cantilever accessories including adjustable roller guides, adjustable end roller guides, and carriage installation templates.

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Not sure what hardware you need?

Contact us and provide your gate opening and weight, and let our expert staff assist you in selecting the appropriate system, size, and accessories to meet your project’s requirements!

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