Stainless steel handrail protector guard

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This sleek stainless steel guard wraps around a round handrail to act as a deterrent for unwanted skateboarding and other activities that can cause damage. Don’t compromise your handrail design with ugly retrofits, or waste your valuable time with a custom solution. Easily install during fabrication, site installation, or years later when the need arises!

  • Choose from three sizes to fit common stainless steel handrail diameters
  • Beautiful satin finish to blend with the most common stainless steel handrail finish
  • Threaded blind hole to prevent tampering and keep your handrail looking amazing
  • Also can be used as loafer rails
  • Easily install during fabrication or retrofit onsite


Product Details

Dimension Details

  • Fits over common stainless steel handrail sizes:
    • 1-1/2″ OD (1-1/2″ tube)
    • 1.66″ OD (1-1/4″ pipe)
    • 1-7/8″ OD (1-1/2″ pipe)
  • Protrudes 1/2″ above handrail surface
  • Threaded 1/4″-20 x 3/8″ blind hole

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Material Type and Finish

  • Stainless steel type 316
  • Satin finish

Handrail Protector Recommended Installation

The handrail damage deterrent guard can be easily installed during fabrication or after installation. Using the blind hole underside mounting, you can maintain the beautifully modern and clean aesthetic of your stainless steel handrail while preventing tampering.

Cross section view of handrail guard installation

  1. Purchase tamper proof 1/4″-20 x 3/8″ screw with socket head
  2. Determine guard placement on handrail
  3. Using a 9/32″ drill bit, drill a clearance hole through the top and bottom of handrail, perpendicular to the handrail surface
  4. Enlarge bottom hole larger than the screw head
  5. Using a socket screwdriver, insert the screw into the handrail and secure the protector guard
  6. Screw in fully. Do not overtighten.
  7. (Optional) Fill in the bottom hole with weld filler

Note: Mounting screw hardware is not provided.

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Additional information

For round size

1-1/2", 1.66", 1-7/8"

Material Type

Material Shape

Material Finish

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