DJA design gallery

This driveway swing gate utilizes a few simple decorative scrolls, rings, and finials put together to present an elegant, traditional looking design.

The fabricator incorporated two of our DJA Dragon scrolls mirrored on both sides of the gate to add a fun and interesting element that caps off the design and makes it stand out.

The dragon is also available as a standalone option without the scroll to customize the look to your needs. This molded dragon topper was used at the apex of the meeting point of the gate to add a bold and dynamic element.

This outer frame of this gate is built using smooth stock material. For your own design, be sure to choose the size of your material based on the size of your gate to ensure the weight of the gate will not compromise the structural integrity of the frame. A minimum of 1-1/2″ square tubing is recommended.

The top of the gate uses our DJA169 gate topper set, an excellent option for any gate design. The 169 comes as a 12 piece set (6 pieces per side) and is designed to be extended by the fabricator to be cut or extended to match any gate size or thickness.

The gate topper set is set around the square pickets and inlayed with a simple ring to add an area of interest to the top of the gate.

The bottom of the gate utilizes mirrored S-scrolls to add a horizontal and vertical repeating pattern that matches the dragon scroll in the center of the gate.

The entry gate design subtly utilizes four different finials at different heights to present a cohesive design that also finds a way to not be repetitive.

A small square finial was used toward the busier bottom portion of the gate, with a more elongated option directly above.

The top of the gate features a traditional steel spear that also serves the security function of discouraging attempts to scale the gate or fence.

Finally, the posts to which the gate doors are mounted are capped off with a larger solid steel pineapple post finial.

The gate meeting point utilizes a 3/4″ x 5/32″ steel molding (W28120) which is also available in 9/16″ x 1/8″ (W28114) and 5/8″ x 5/32″ (W28116) variations.

The gate is mounted using a weld-on U-Bolt adjustable hinge at the top and DJA’s heavy duty, high-quality bottom support weld-on hinge with thrust bearing and grease fitting (CA346).

The CA346 comes in variable sizes available for weight capacities from 375 lbs. to 2,646 lbs. so be sure to choose the version that meets the requirements of your specific project.

For a heavier-duty option, the combination of our C85XL and C87XL top and bottom hinges allows for a maximum weight of up to 8,800 lbs.

If you’re looking to reproduce this design, you’ll need to determine the appropriate lockbox to use for your purposes. If the gate is automated like this one, use lock plate 27/A/01 with the DJA173 shell.

For a working lock, our DJA WELKA lock is an excellent solution and can be paired with a prefabricated lock box (DJA171) or single lock plates (WELKA 27/A/01) if you’d prefer to fabricate your own.

If you’re looking for a manual opening alternative, a number of decorative ornamental handle options are available to choose from. All of our handles are available with or without a built-in spring. The built-in spring in the handle helps to extend the life of the spring in the lock, requiring less maintenance in the long-term.

Don’t forget to pair your handle with the matching rosette plate to finish the look! (Matching sets are linked from each item.)

If you are interested in this project, please contact us to speak with an application specialist to assist with the order process or give us a call at (718) 324-6871