Cantilever Gate Kit – Small Standard (Max 17 ft., 1100 lbs.)

Upgrade your gate system with our Small Standard Cantilever Gate Kit, designed for gates up to 17 ft and 1100 lbs.

This comprehensive kit, a part of our wide-ranging cantilever system selection, includes high-quality components such as small 5 wheel carriages, end wheels, and adjustable guiding plates, ensuring a smooth, durable operation for commercial and industrial gates.

Tracks sold separately.

When purchasing tracks, choose the “small” size to go with our small cantilever kits. Track length must be 1.5 times the length of your gate opening.

Small Series Track


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Product Details

Introducing the meticulously engineered Cantilever Gate Kit – Small Standard, your go-to solution for robust gate installations in commercial and industrial environments. This kit accommodates gates up to 17 feet in length and with a maximum weight capacity of 1100 pounds. As an integral part of our extensive cantilever gate system offerings, which span from Small Standard to Large Plus sizes accommodating gates up to 4400 lbs. and 62 feet in length, the Small Standard kit is designed for optimal customization, efficiency, and resilience.

Each kit includes essential components for assembling a high-performing cantilever gate:

  • (2) small 5 wheel carriages (CA395S) for seamless movement
  • (1) small end wheels (CA396S)
  • (1) small end cups (CA397S) for end-of-track gate stability
  • (2) small adjustable guiding plates (CA462Small) for precise gate alignment
  • (8) anchor bolts (CA398P) for secure installation
  • (2) templates (CA-T) for accurate setup.

*Please note, tracks are sold separately and come in 118″ and 236″ lengths. Your track needs to be 1.5 times the length of your gate opening.

Our cantilever gate kits are compatible with a variety of gate materials and are suitable for a multitude of applications, including secure commercial entrances and industrial access points. Designed for flexibility, the Small Standard kit, along with our entire cantilever system range, supports automation for enhanced convenience. Adhering to DJA’s safety and installation guidelines is imperative to achieve not only optimal performance but also to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

With minimal visible hardware and no need for in-ground tracks, our Cantilever Gate Kit – Small Standard offers an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution for your gate installation needs. For those seeking advice on the appropriate system size or additional accessories, our expert team is ready to provide tailored support, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your specific project requirements.

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