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This driveway swing gate is an excellent example of how you can achieve an elegant design with a small number of relatively simple components.

This gate utilizes DJA’s hammered bars and tubes to give the gate a more traditional, handmade feel. These bars and tubes are available in both steel and aluminum options to fit your particular project’s needs.

The interior of this gate design uses three of our most popular items. These simple scrolls and rings can be used a number of different ways to achieve unique designs every time.

In this design, the C Scroll is used in four different configurations (up, down, left, and right) to provide two different mirrored image designs. The S Scrolls were also mirrored at the bottom of the gate to create a continuous flowing image that appears as a series of repeating hearts facing up and down.

Finally, our Ring with Scroll was used to provide a striking center focal point running through the middle of each side of the gate.

The top of the gate is capped off with one of our hot-forged steel spears, providing both security and a strong, timeless visual element to cap off the gate. The spears are bookended on both sides with a solid steel fishtailed gate top meeting terminal.

And what gate would be complete without a mounting solution? This driveway gate uses our DJA Adjustable Barrel Hinge adjusts in three dimensions, bringing ultimate flexibility to this hinge and making gate installation easy. This heavy duty hinge has a maximum capacity of 3450 lbs. for a 6′ 8″ H x 6′ 8″ L gate.

Build this Gate:

The products below are necessary to complete this particular design. Select sizes and options specific to your project.

Please note that some components in this design may not be currently listed on our website.

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