Mini Cantilever Gate System Kit

Perfect for pedestrian, residential, commercial, industrial, and crash-rated projects.

The Mini Cantilever Gate System Kit supports a maximum opening of 10 feet with a 500 lb. capacity.

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Gate & Door Hinges

Whatever your project, DJA is sure to have the perfect hinge to complete your installation.

SAVE 10% on FEMI Saws!

Enjoy 10% OFF while supplies last on our line of quality Italian-made FEMI portable bandsaws!

NEW Radius Gate Hardware System

Ideal for areas with limited opening space.

Pulls and Handles

Create a beautiful statement piece that stands out from the crowd.

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Ornamental Steel

With the highest quality and variety of ornamental steel, we provide you with the perfect solutions for any project.

Cantilever Gate Systems

For sliding gates and doors – cantilever gates systems feature no in-ground track, minimal visible hardware, and go with any gate material. D.J.A. offers 15 cantilever gate system sizes, up to 98-ft opening and 15000-LBS weight capacity.

Swing Gate Hardware

D.J.A.’s extensive lines of adjustable, weld-on, barrel, and heavy-duty hinges can be utilized for small spaces, residential, industrial, and commercial applications, on a variety of materials.

overhead track system

Overhead Track Systems

For sliding gates, doors, and partition walls – overhead track systems offer an elegant solution of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. D.J.A. offers 14 sizes and a wide array of accessories to complete your project

Telescopic Gate Hardware

Telescopic gate hardware is a great Opening Solution for Small Spaces! The Telescopic gate hardware system allows sliding gates to be installed in areas where space is limited while the gate is in the open-position.

Example of bifold gate residential installation

Bifold Gate Hardware

BiFold gate hardware is a great Opening Solution for Small Spaces! The BiFold gate hardware system allows swing gates to be installed in areas where space is limited while the gate is in the open-position.

Stock & Architectural Material

Flats, Squares, Rounds, T-Bars, Channels, Angles … D.J.A.’s extensive array of stock and architectural materials are the foundation of every great project.

Machinery & Accessories

Automatic and manual bending, rolling, and die machines; exclusive D.J.A. Picket Spacer; and multi-purpose protractors.

Ornamental Decor

Door knockers, decorative roses, flower boxes, crystal decor, Italian door handles… D.J.A’s extensive ornamental decor is now available direct, at the lowest prices!

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Telescopic 3-leaf gate designed and built by Gate Logic Security
Case Studies

Solving Unique Gate Requirements, with Gate Logic Security

A long-time DJA client, Gate Logic Security recently had a unique project that presented new challenges the company worked hard to solve. Combining the design requirements with the need for a strong, security-rated gate solution, Gate Logic worked closely with the experts at DJA Imports to come up with a solution.

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