Heavy Duty BiFold Gate Hardware Kit

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The BiFold Gate Hardware solution has become a game-changer for adding a trackless swing gate to areas with limited space, and it’s the only complete kit on the market with all the hardware and hinges you need. With this new heavy duty version of the original, you can now add a bifold solution to heavier gates and cover larger openings! Cover up to 26-ft openings with one of these hardware kits, and add a second for more (for up to 52 feet!).


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Product Details

From Milan to New York, to Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, BiFold gates are providing homeowners with a better driveway security solution. And, it can be automated! This heavy duty kit includes all the hardware you need to add the space-saving folding behavior to a two-leaf gate (up to 26 feet and a whopping 2204 lb. depending on gate dimensions). Note: Gate is NOT included. If you are a homeowner, we recommend working with a local gate fabricator to design and install a gate that meets the system’s requirements. Contact our helpful team for recommendations in your area.

What’s Included (Complete Kit, No Separately Sold Hardware Required)

  • (1) Heavy duty reinforced column joint arm mechanism (VC7101.080)
  • (1) Heavy duty reinforced leaf joint arm mechanism (VC7102.080)
  • (4) Heavy duty leaf hinges (VL4500.140.V)
  • (2) Protective guards (VC7105)
  • (1) Top post weld-on hinge (VC4114.090)
  • (1) Bottom support weld-on hinge (VC4202.090)
  • (1) Zinc-plated channel, 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ x 118″ long, cut at 92″ for UPS shipping (VA5402.003.L)
  • (1) Drilling template

For additional information and videos, click here.

Need to cover a wider space? Add a second kit for a mirrored two-leaf setup and cover up to 52 feet. Have a question about your setup, or installation? Our experienced staff is ready to help, contact us.

Heavy Duty BiFold Gate Hardware Kit Opening and Weight Capacities

Use this table to determine the maximum gate weight (in lbs.) based on the opening (columns) and minimum gate height (rows).
Gate HeightL = 10'12'15'20'26'
6' 6"2204180714551080
8' 6" or higher2204180714551080826

Download full reference table for maximum weight capacity based on opening size and gate height.

Fabrication Considerations

While the BiFold gate hardware kit can support a variety of gate styles, designs and dimensions, care must be taken to ensure your gate is compatible with the folding hinge mechanisms:

  • Use a minimum 2″ x 3″ tube outer frame to fit the leaf hinge mountings and to permit complete folding of the two gate sections. The thickness of the gate frame must be 3″ (See steps 4 and 5 from installation guide)
  • Use at least a 4″ wide section to mount the column joint arm on the first leaf (closest to the post)
  • The top and bottom post hinges must be welded to the gate

Installation Instructions

Click here to download instructions for assembly and installation onto a gate (PDF).

Need a CAD model? Head on over to our Technical Data section (must be logged in to view).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BiFold gate kit compatible with gate automation?

  • Yes. Both the heavy duty and standard hardware kits are compatible with swing and in-ground gate automation solutions. We recommend consulting with a gate automation provider to select the best solution for your project.

What’s the difference between this heavy duty version and the standard kit?

  • The heavy duty version features reinforced components so it can handle heavier loads and wider openings. The column joint arm can be extended longer to support larger leaf dimensions, so we also include more of the channel. Instead of two leaf hinges, four are included with the heavy duty version. Other than that, the mechanisms, assembly and operation are very similar, so if you’re already comfortable with the standard, you’ll be at home with the heavy duty as well (do pay attention to the slight differences in gate fabrication requirements). Refer to this helpful chart for a comparison of weight capacity for a range of opening sizes:



  • The manufacturer recommends no solid panels for the gate; air should be able to flow.
  • Due to the nature of the item (kit components), we are unable to accept returns. If a manufacturing defect is suspected, leave hardware on the gate(s) to take pictures/videos and let us know scope of project. We will submit all information to the manufacturer for evaluation.

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